Key Features
  • Dozens of pre-canned Reports
  • Pre-built Heads-up Displays
  • Real-time Reporting
  • Time, Material and Schedule driven Reporting
  • Custom Built Reports Available

More Solutions

Site Management

Real-time logistics details and jobsite bill of materials.

MES - Manufactugin Execution

A complete MES suite of tools built for offsite manufacturers.

Reporting for Offsite Manufacturers

Reporting is fast and convenient with Moducore as your partner

Moducore plays an integral role of your manufacturing operations and projects. The convenience of having end-to-end tools specific for offsite manufacturing, all under one roof also extends itself by making detailed reporting fast, simple and convenient.

Budget v. Actuals and Real-Time KPI's

Elusive numbers got you feeling down?

Your project based KPI's do not need to remain a mystery. With everything in Moducore, you can accurate calculate your cost per square foot at a project or even a module level.

  • Project Snapshots taken daily for business intelligence and historical reporting purposes.
  • Retain access to all historical project data to use as future references and data points.

Components and Units

Moducore was designed and engineered from the ground-up to give offsite manufacturers unparalleled visibility into their manufactured goods

Drilldown into a Unit or Component and explore real-time Labor & Material information. Visualize Estimates versus Actuals in real-time or run Project-based Reporting.

  • More than 30+ pre-built reports available in Business Intelligence.
  • Operational & Manufacturing function based Heads-Up Displays (HUDs)
  • Custom Report Building available upon request.

Global Content Delivery Network

Blazing fast document uploads and downloads worldwide

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