Warehouse Management - WMS

Key Features
  • Inbound & Outbound Logistics
  • QR-coded Inventory Catalogs
  • Printable Racking SKU Plates
  • Shop Floor Material Requisitions
  • Material Kitting & Workflows
  • Purchase-to-Std. UoM Conversion

More Solutions

Labor Tracking

Track Labor on the shop floor or in the field.

Project Management

Scheduling, Budgets and Change Management.

Integrated Warehouse Management

When the entire supply chain — internal and external — is under one roof information flows naturally

Multiple systems like the Bill of Materials, MREQ System, Kitting, Procurement, Site, Quality Control — they all impact the Warehouse. In Moducore, they all speak to the Warehouse and help make sense of the chaos and keep you organized and on-time.

Somewhere in the middle of it all is the Warehouse. The warehouse ships materials to the shop floor and at the same time is for responsible shipping materials to the jobsite. On a good day, it can be chaos in a tin can.

The continued value of an end-to-end integrated platform like Moducore is having the ability to not only see, but speak with both the shop floor and the jobsite. Moducore helps make the chaos when you are in the middle of it all seem organized, and efficient.

Material Kitting

Build kitted recipes for standardized materials —
request kits, buy kits, build kits

For most, seeing material demands in aggregate means adding up multiple spreadsheets full of requirements, hand-written material requisitions, sticky notes from the toolcrib, emails from site and worse.

Moducores Global and Project-based Requirements Planners enable buyers to source materials based on a given project, across multiple lines of business, or as an all-encompassing global requirements planner.

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QR & Barcodes

Gone are the days of scanning & uploading SKU's — interact with your materials on the spot
  • Print-ready Item Labels with QR Codes
  • QR Codes work with Kits, Assemblies & Items
  • Batch Printing

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