Labor Tracking

Key Features
  • iOS/Android Mobile App
  • Online/Offline Mode
  • Direct & In-direct Labor Reporting
  • Real-time Labor HUDs (Heads-up Displays)

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Lifecycle Management

Standardize what you build.

Supply Chain - SCM

Manage Vendor Catalogs, Purchase Orders, Receiving and more.

Time Tracking for the Modular Workforce

Keep production focused on revenue generating activities

Labor Tracking is one of the most important metrics a manufacturer can track. In aggregate, it can also become costly if the process isn't simple and quick to do.

Our Kiosk Ready and Mobile Ready labor tracking system allows you to control when and how your employees log time. A simple PIN code system ensures production staff remains focused on revenue generating activities.

Mobile Apps

iOS and Android Mobile Apps built specifically for individual employees on and off the shop floor.

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Geofencing Capable

Integrated geofencing capabilities to understand where work occurs on the factory floor or at the jobsite.

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Payroll Integrations

Integrate Moducore Labor data with popular payroll programs like ADP Workforce, Sage Intaact, Paychex and more.

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Kiosk Ready

Any device, anytime, anywhere

Collect labor data when, where and how you want. Deploy across centralized kiosks on the shop floor and throughout the office, or clock-in via web browser. Employees can also track labor on their own devices if enabled, eliminating centralized congestion and downtime.

Simple yet Intelligent Simply Intelligent

Collect the minimum, extract the maximum

Our intuitive and intelligent labor tracking system enables employees to remain focused on revenue generating activities by clocking-in quickly and getting back to work. Behind the scenes, Moducore collects and intelligently organizes the additional data such as location, budgets, departments, productivity based on TAKT and more.

  • Workstation & Unit or Component-level data and reporting
  • Shop Rate vs. Compensation Reporting
  • Integrated with key manufacturing and project management dashboards
  • Department or Task Driven Performance
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Continuous Data from all Channels

Model data that translates back into your inventory data

As the Project Manager, it's often your job to manage both the site and manufacturing projects concurrently — this typically means multiple different teams, multiple different systems, all of which are geographically spread out and often don't talk to one another...

With Moducore you can have confidence that you are always organized, in the loop, and know where to look when critical, project related changes occur — from start-to-finish. Enjoy licence-free third-party collaboration and invite the Architects, Engineers, Sub-Contractors and more to participate in the project.

  • Text Messages— with short-urls
  • Email Notifications
  • System Notifications
  • Detailted Activity Logs

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