Bill of Materials — BoM

Key Features
  • Workflows for Material Fulfillment
  • Kitting & Sub-Assemblies
  • Automated Unit-level Material Revision Control
  • Quick access to historical material data, including purchasing data from BoM
  • Collaborative, and real-time — spreadsheet data corruption mitigation

More Solutions

Manufacturing Execution - MES

Standardize what you build.

Labor Tracking

Record Labor & Perform Time Studies.

A BoM built for Offsite Modular & Component Manufacturers

As a manufacturer, you take raw materials and craft them together to form a finished good. It should come as no surprise that tracking materials with precision is key. Moducore gives you the tools to effortlessly be precise.

When the Bill of Materials becomes the vehicle in which material can not only be requisitioned for purchase, but how material is requested from the warehouse — creating and maintaining an accurate BoM becomes a lot easier. A BoM that saves dollars instead of simply costing them.

Revision Control

Orchestrate Change Management from a project or facility point-of-view and optimize maintenace and minimize rework.

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Take 3D models with you to the shop floor, into the field or around the office with an integrated Autodesk Viewer.

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Integrated MRP

Turn your 3D Models into Virtual Twins with smart device connectivity, asset tracking, embedded O&M manuals & more.

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Batches, Jobs and Units

Manufacture highly custom or repeatable projects with confidence from the very beginning

Our proprietary Bill of Materials system presents you with a simple, yet intuitive interface all while intelligently managing independent Bills of Material for every single unit — now that's precision.

  • Integrated labor tracking for unit-level reporting
  • Suspend or Remove single units mid-production to remove material requirements from resource planners
  • Inject Units into manufacturing mid-stream without disruption or add entirely new jobs
  • Integrated opt-in/out text message, email and system notifications when changes occur

Built-in Supply Chain information

Effortlessly search the integrated Inventory system for materials & quickly identify items already spec'd

The integrated search engine allows you to quickly find whatever you are looking for, wherever you are. Within your Project Workspace — searching, and finding inventory items is quick and easy. Add one or multiple items simply by clicking on them.

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Kits and Sub-Assemblies

Embed Kits within Kits to build the ultimate standards library

  • Multiple Kits within a Kit
  • Can be added to Lifecycle Templates or imported directly into Bill of Materials
  • Built-in Workflows and Approvals into the Kit Builder
  • Revision Control when dealing with Change Management

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