Design & BIM

Key Features
  • Submittals, RFIs, Issues
  • Change Order Management
  • Document Management
  • Licence Free Viewer
  • Model to Bill of Materials
  • Virtual Twins
  • Watchlists
  • Revision Control

More Solutions

Client Relations

Go from sales opportunity to manufacturing.

Lifecycle Management

Plan it once. Build it 1,000 times.

Moducore BIM Viewer on iPad

Drawings, Sheets & 3D Models — anytime, anywhere on any device.

Collaborate in real-time and ensure everyone is working from the same set of drawings, track changes against objects instead of models, and go from design to production faster with our model to bill of material technology.

Getting things right early and having team driven visibility throughout helps mitigate costly manufacturing, or even worse on-site errors. Moducore helps manufacturers, architects & engineers, generals and subs all get on the same page early, and stay on the same page.

Change Management

Orchestrate Change Management from a project or facility point-of-view and optimize maintenace and minimize rework.

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Mobile Viewing

Take 3D models with you to the shop floor, into the field or around the office with an integrated Autodesk Viewer.

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Virtual Twin

Turn your 3D Models into Virtual Twins with smart device connectivity, asset tracking, embedded O&M manuals & more.

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Change Management

Avoid costly rework & siloed spreadsheed workbooks — manage it under one roof
  • Manage Submittals, RFIs, Contemplated Change Orders, Change Orders and Issues
  • Attach units to Issues, RFIs, and Change Orders for accurate, granular reporting
  • Track estimated cost of changes against actuals with integrated time & material management
  • Integrated opt-in/out text message, email and system notifications when changes occur
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Mobile Viewing

Any device, anytime, anywhere

With Moducore you can eliminate unnecessary costs associated with printed sheet sets and keep the team informed of new drawings, changes, and issues on any device, anytime, anywhere.

Both licence free and install free, have confidence that your team no matter where they are — be it the shop floor, office or field — can access their 2d drawings and immersive 3d models with ease.

Supports all modern browsers

3D Model to Bill of Materials

Model data that translates back into your inventory data
  • Turn Sales Models into Sales Estimates with the click of a button using real-time, integrated Supply Chain costing information
  • Understand Supply Chain deficiencies earlier using the Model-to-BoM tool — helping catch potentially costly bottlenecks and mistakes earlier in the process
  • Use the Model to BoM tool to produce a production Bill of Materials with ease and eliminate redundant tasks
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