Project Management

Key Features
  • Manufacturing & Construction KPI Dashboards
  • Gantt Scheduling
  • Real-time Labor & Material Reporting
  • Production Floor HUDs (Heads-up Displays)
  • Internal & External Users
  • Project-based Workspaces
  • Document Management

More Solutions

Lifecycle Management

Standardize what you build.

Site Management

Site-based Bill of Materials, Logistics tracking via Stream Modular.

A solution small enough to fit in the palm of your hand — large enough to manage multiple projects. At the same time, in the same place.

With an Offsite-first mentality and a cradle-to-grave approach, Moducore gives Project Managers a new lifeline to execute and keep their projects on budget.

Oversee a project in Moducore from as early as the sales & estimating phases, all the way through design, manufacturing, site and close-out. The integrated Supply Chain & Warehouse Management modules, along with Moducores Labor, Material & Scheduling capabilities affords Project Managers a deeper, more meaningful look into the overall underpinnings of their project. Giving them stronger, more predictable cost controls for each of their projects.

Change Management

Orchestrate Change Management from a project or facility point-of-view and optimize maintenace and minimize rework.

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Mobile Viewing

Take 3D models with you to the shop floor, into the field or around the office with an integrated Autodesk Viewer.

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Virtual Twin

Turn your 3D Models into Virtual Twins with smart device connectivity, asset tracking, embedded O&M manuals & more.

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Gantt Scheduler

Import & Export from Microsoft Project, Excel & Primavera P6

Want to find out what a Gantt Schedule built for an offsite manufacturer looks like?

More than a list of dates and tasks, Moducore's Gantt Scheduling tool splits the Manufacturing project, and the Jobsite project into two distinct views all while talking directly with your built-in Manufacturing Execution and Supply Chain Systems.

Real-time Financials

How long would it take to calculate just one of these metrics today on a per-project basis?

Understand where you started, where you are at, and forecast where you are going earlier with Moducore — make decisions based on data long before the project ever becomes at risk.

Our integrated Design, Procurement, Change Management, Materials and Scheduling tools give project managers a more accurate financial picture based on data throughout the entire project. Sitting at the core of each your manufacturing projects, Moducore can serve project managers with hard-to-get construction & manufacturing project management metrics at the click of a button.

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Continuous Data from all Channels

Model data that translates back into your inventory data

As the Project Manager, it's often your job to manage both the site and manufacturing projects concurrently — this typically means multiple different teams, multiple different systems, all of which are geographically spread out and often don't talk to one another...

With Moducore you can have confidence that you are always organized, in the loop, and know where to look when critical, project related changes occur — from start-to-finish. Enjoy licence-free third-party collaboration and invite the Architects, Engineers, Sub-Contractors and more to participate in the project.

  • Text Messages— with short-urls
  • Email Notifications
  • System Notifications
  • Detailted Activity Logs

Change Management

Log and monitor changes not just at a project-level — Log and monitor at a unit-level
  • Track Submittals, RFIs, Issues, Contemplated Change Orders and Change Orders — all with varying workflows to ensure the control of information is accurate, and timely.
  • Integrated Submittal process to ensure only approved drawings make it down to the production floor.
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Third-Party Collaboration

Architects & Engineers, Sub and General Contractors — unlimited free project users.

Embrace Integrated Project Delivery practices, or invite specific, key stakeholders — invite unlimited users to collaborate on certain components of your project for free in Moducore.

Document Control

Autodesk Models and PDFs, Microsoft Office Docs and more...

Embrace Integrated Project Delivery practices, or invite specific, key stakeholders — invite unlimited users to collaborate on certain components of your project for free in Moducore.

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