Site Management

Key Features
  • Manage Jobsite Material Requirements and Logistics separately
  • Jobsite Dashboard Weather details
  • Unified Reporting between the Jobsite & Factory
  • Web-based WebRTC Jobsite Camera Viewer

More Solutions

Project Management

Scheduling, Budgets and Change Management.

Change Management

From Change Orders and RFI's to Submittals and Issues - complete Document Control.

Integrated Site-and-Plant data means you have visibility and control over the entire project — under one roof.

With a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) built specifically for offsite modular manufacturers, an integrated Supply Chain Management (SCM) suite, Project Management tools to manage both the Plant-and-Site — controlling the outcome of your projects becomes a lot easier.

Unified Information

Manufacturing & Jobsite Project Requirements — tracked as one

With a unified data set you can track both manufacturing and site progress concurrently. This enables manufacturers to make smarter, data driven decisions based on an array of contributing factors; from internal resource to external weather, sub-contractors or remote jobsite material availability — track what matters most for offsite manufacturing projects.

Remote Jobsites aren't too far away

Factory & Field data isn't out of reach, Moducore lets you track it all as a single project

Understand where you started, where you are at, and forecast where you are going earlier with Moducore — make decisions based on data long before the project ever becomes at risk.

  • Requisition material for the jobsite before, during or after production with built-in workflows and approvals.
  • Track labor performed at the jobsite independently from the labor performed at the manufacturing facility.
  • Remotely monitor your jobsite with WebRTC viewing built-in each project workspace.
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Third-Party Collaboration

Architects & Engineers, Sub and General Contractors — unlimited free project users.

Embrace Integrated Project Delivery practices, or invite specific, key stakeholders — invite unlimited users to collaborate on certain components of your project for free in Moducore.

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