Change Management

Key Features
  • Monitor Budgets vs. Actuals for your Change Management
  • Track Shop Drawings, Review Packages and Production Drawings
  • Integrated Document Control
  • Track Requests for Information
  • Manage Submittals with Workflow
  • Manage Issues against 3D Models
  • Integrated Labor Tracking

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Site Management

Standardize what you build.

MES - Manufactugin Execution

1 Platform. 2 Projects - Manufacturing & Site.

Moducore BIM Viewer on iPad

Change Management — built for the changing environment.

Information from subs, the shop floor, site, engineers, the customer — it never ends. Get more of your day back & centralize your project information.

With Moducores ability to track RFIs, Submittals, Contemplated Change Orders, Change Orders and Issues — Project Managers have a tool for every situation. Better yet, these integrated tools and systems allow for multiple parties to participate, catching costly errors earlier in the process. Overall, Moducore helps Project Managers execute their projects more efficiently, faster, and with stronger more predictable margins.

Image Description

Shop Drawings, Review Packages and Production Drawings

Approve and Control the flow of drawings in Moducore

Use Moducores integrated Document Control and Change Management tools to control the flow of documents, and when they are released to the shop floor, or to sub-contractors.

  • Track Submittals, RFIs, Issues, Contemplated Change Orders and Change Orders — all with varying workflows to ensure the control of information is accurate, and timely.
  • Integrated Submittal process to ensure only approved drawings make it down to the production floor.
  • Always maintain access to historical change orders, responses and their associated dates, along with complete file revision control.

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