Thomas Griffin joins Moducore as Product Manager

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Thomas Griffin — Moducore, LLC
Thursday, September 7, 2023 at 2:19PM MST

Like many, my reasons for such a big decision wrap around my values, the future, and adventure. While taking on a Product Manager role in the software industry may seem like a large jump into new territory for myself (and in some ways it is) it is actually a very natural progression of my career and experience to date.

For 12 years I have been in the offsite industry, understanding how it works. I have seen its best and worst sides. While Moducore is a software company, its product is software specifically designed for the offsite industry. Moving from Operations to Software development is less of a leap than it would appear. In his book “Range” David Epstien makes a compelling case that the best innovation and solutions come from individuals and teams that have broad experiences. Takings learnings from unrelated fields and connecting them together for better, more innovative solutions. This is the core of my relationship with Moducore, and why I believe together we will be successful.

"Tom joining the team re-affirms our commitment to hiring innovative industry veterans, and continues to showcase our ability to deliver value beyond just our technical tools."
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I have spent most of my career in this industry. From working on the production line as a trades person - specifically an electrician - to moving into Continuous Improvement as a Project Manager doing Kaizen and lean initiatives, to master scheduling & planning for MFG operations, and finally moving into Production Systems as Manager. I have experienced the benefits and pains of offsite production.

This industry is the future. While it is truly still an emerging industry in the construction marketplace, Offsite is primed to become the dominant way we build. It is faster, has lower carbon footprints, higher quality, more sustainability, better safety, and long term will become the most cost effective way to build structures. In a world with housing shortages, where every dollar counts, where safety is critical, where treating people fairly in a work culture needs to be integral, and most importantly where we HAVE to get more environmentally responsible, Offsite production will be the solution. It is the evolution of construction.

"Jordie and I had previous conversations of what tools might look like, or what might help the industry, but as I sat there taking my first real look at what they have built so far, my mind started exploding"

Joining Moducore

Moducore's approach aligns with the principles that offsite is different from construction and needs a different approach. Designed from the ground up to fit the industry.

Getting to know the team - both the Moducore team and the 4Ward Solutions Group team with Ben Hershey - I have learned they are all passionate about the offsite industry. About making this a success. This is a group who is sharp, open-minded, innovative and has a ton of experience. An exciting team to consider being part of!

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