Vertical SaaS and why it is the answer for Offsite Manufacturers

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Monday, April 26, 2021 at 1:09PM MST

One of the key advantages of Vertical SaaS (Software as a Service) is its ability to provide industry-specific expertise and knowledge. Since vertical software solutions are designed exclusively for a particular industry - offsite manufacturing in Moducores instance - it can offer best practices, industry standards, and specialized tools and functionality that are crucial for businesses operating in that vertical. This targeted approach allows offsite manufacturers, for example, to streamline their operations, optimize their processes, reduce waste, increase margins, and achieve overall better outcomes by leveraging software that is purpose-built for the offsite industry.

McKinsey estimates that manufacturers could see 15-20% inventory-holding cost reductions, 15-30% labor productivity increase, 30-50% machine downtime reduction, 10-30% throughput increase and a whopping 85% forecasting accuracy improvement. [source]

The significance of incorporating Vertical SaaS into offsite manufacturing operations may not be clear to everyone. We'll attempt to break it down in a simplified manner for a better understanding.

What is Vertical SaaS?

Vertical SaaS is a solution that is specifically designed for a particular industry or domain, in Moducores instance the industry is offsite manufacturing & construction. Rather than aiming to fit multiple industries with broad functionalities, as Horizontal SaaS does, Vertical SaaS is customized to suit the specific operational needs and compliance standards of a single industry. It's like a tailor-made suit, specifically cut and sewn to fit perfectly the business requirements of a particular sector.

The interesting part of vertical SaaS is its nuanced understanding of the industry it serves. It identifies specific processes, methods, benchmarks, and performance indicators of the industry and integrates them within the software.

Efficiency and Cost Savings

Orientation towards a specific industry brings about a measured boost in efficiency when you embrace Vertical SaaS. Imagine using a software designed with exclusive understanding of your industry. Compared to a generalized software solution, Vertical SaaS can lead to significant cost and savings.

Every industry has unique workflows, regulatory environments, and peculiar business challenges. Vertical SaaS provides solutions designed to cater to these specific dynamics, thereby eliminating unnecessary customization and adjustments in generic software.

Data Management and Accessibility

Among the various benefits of vertical SaaS, the most notable one is perhaps its potential to improve data management and accessibility. Offsite manufacturers are able to collect, track, analyze, and retrieve data easily and securely, reducing administrative errors and delays in communicating requirements. Moducore for example is built natively as a progressive web app which means it works in a web browser rather than device or operating system-specific. We also have iOS and Android mobile applications that include offline access, keeping data accessibility in reach for those without strong internet signals.

Benefits of Vertical SaaS for Offsite Manufacturers

Vertical SaaS platforms for offsite manufacturing such as Moducore often integrate with various systems and devices used in the manufacturing process, such as IoT (Internet of Things) sensors, production equipment, and supply chain management tools. These integrations enable seamless collection of data from different sources, ensuring that all relevant information is captured for KPI measurement in real-time rather than simply aggregated data. 

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