Building Information Modeling
Plan + Design + Build + Operate = BIM Moducore

When you Plan, Design and Build under one roof, all of a sudden the handover process becomes a little less chaotic when it comes time to Operate. Transfer every last detail of information collected throughout the project, from original specs to quality control issues, customer change requests & maintenance manuals.

Digital Twin

Producing a Digital Twin goes far beyond a 3d model. Moducore helps you stay organized and efficient with searchable, centralized building information and document management.

Have confidence in knowing that you will always be able to access your production drawings, site drawings, 3d models and more anywhere, anytime on any device.

Building History

Ever wonder where and how much you sourced that ERV from?

Storing Building Information data in the cloud enables you to retrieve historical records from any point in time, from anywhere with ease. Find out where that ERV came from, when it was purchased, when it was delivered, installed and more.